How peer-to-peer technology keeps our operating costs down

One of the core ideas behind Voltra Co. is to give artists 100% of what they earn when they sell music through our store.

It’s true, “no free lunch”. Someone has to pay the bills. The main way we can afford to provide artists with these services, is to offer premium features to listeners and record labels. But we don’t want to get pushy about our paid services. So, one of the ways we can balance the operating costs is to use peer-to-peer technology!

At Voltra Co., we’re using SSB. A protocol that safely connects users to each other and allows them to share only the specific data that is relevant to them. An example is artist biographies — not every user needs or wants 100% of all artists biographies ever written. Instead of putting it behind an API on our servers, where it would cost us money, we can distribute it and democratize it! We have pretty strong feels that this data is better off bering owned by the public anyway.

We have a healthy balance between centralized and decentralized services at this stage in our development. But in the future, we expect to embrace more use cases with decentralized protocols, not only to save on costs but also for the robustness, privacy and independence that they offer.

If you want to learn more, check out how SSB works!