Voltra 2.0

This is a significant release. We have FLAC SUPPORT! We added Type Anywhere to Search (which we love). And now Voltra is much, much faster for very large libraries.

As we’re getting towards Public Beta and the opening of our shop, we’ll be making sure the app is stable with thorough testing by our team and our beta testers. We’ll be adding features we feel are crucial to have for Public release. If you think something is missing that you feel really needs to be included in the next version, please let us know. Read on for more details about what’s new in this version.

Note for non-Mac users: We’d like to note that since most of our audience is on Mac, we will be focusing on OS X for our software releases for the time being. We will still be releasing for Linux, but providing a .zip file and instructions instead of all of the current options. We will be releasing Windows eventually, but for now we are dedicating our time to completing all features of the software and service on our main platform first.

Super new features

ALAC and FLAC now supported

Lossless files aren’t currently supported in Chrome and .flac files aren’t supported in iTunes — but now Voltra supports them! We know a lot of people are going to be happy about this new feature

Even faster for large collections

We’ve improved the speed majorly (again) for anyone who has a very large music collection (over 100K files), importing is fast and scrolling is much smoother now.

We liked this suggestion, so we implemented it. Instead of clicking the Search icon (we took it out for now), just type anywhere other than an input to search for an album or track. You can still also use the shortcut Cmd + F to get to the Search view.

Type Anywhere to Search

Type Anywhere to Search

Some fancy new icons

We redesigned the artist and playlist icons to make them easier to understand.

New Icons

New Icons

Smaller Dock Icon, Cleaner Settings Page

Cleaned up the Dock Icon a bit to make it more in line with the standard dock icon size. Tidied up the settings page, it was looking a bit cluttered.

Alternate Classic Menu Option

Windows Build is still on the way, but we’ve included a Windows-style classic menu that might also be useful for some Linux users that don’t have a built-in application menu bar. Voltra will try to detect what system you’re on and show the correct menu, but if you want to manually toggle it, you can do so on the Settings page.

Alternate Menu Settings

Alternate Menu Settings

Added Shop View (in progress)

The Voltra Shop will only be enabled for some of our beta testers. In it, you’ll be able to stream and buy new music, and receive recommendations based on your music collection.

Disables next arrow when there is no next track

This little touch helps you understand what’s in your queue without having to open it — great for if you’re listening to music in mini and micro modes. If there are no tracks to play next, the skip next button visually indicates this.

Disables skip button when queue is empty

Disables skip button when queue is empty

Bug Fixes

Fixes some issues with updating stats

There is a lot to keep track of with your music collection, and while Voltra knew about what you had in your library, the statistics we were showing did not always update correctly. Now album, track, artist and playlist stats will show correct numbers after changes have been made on the Stats page. Oh and now it’s called the Stats page (instead of Overview).

Fixes issue with merging duplicate albums

There were a few problems with trying to merge duplicate sets of files, and deciding how to handle this request. This should not come up often, especially since Voltra will ignore any duplicates you try to import, but we’ve got you covered just in case you decide to merge two identical albums together.

We fixed a regression that broke the link to a file when the file or directory was named on the filesystem. Rename away!

Fixes issues with tag editing track order

If you’re editing track numbers of all the files in an album, they’ll now show up in the right order without having to refresh the app.

Fixes issue with playlist playing out of order

Playing a playlist wasn’t adding tracks in the correct order, but Add to Queue or Play Next was adding them correctly. Now everything plays in the order it should.

Fixes issue with removing tracks from a playlist

Fixes an issue with deleting tracks from a playlist after they had been reordered.