Voltra 2.2.0

It has been over a month since our last release — we have been focused on building the Voltra shop. But this is a big update. Also, we are currently growing our team, which means we should be able to make releases more often.

Thanks for being in our beta program and thanks for all your help!

New light theme! (with red accent color)

New light theme! (with red accent color)

Super new features

Audio-engine is now a separate process

This improvement moves the native audio-engine to a separate process, ensures playback is smooth 100% of the time.

Tag writing is also a separate process

We moved tag-write operations into a separate short lived process to ensure memory is reclaimed quickly.

New build system, more releases

We improved our build system, releases will be more frequent.

Auto-update download size

Improved automatic update, downloads should be much smaller.

Regular expression feedback

Improved feedback for regular expression based search syntax errors.

New default theme

The default light theme now has a new look. Light theme is all white, and dark theme is all dark. We feel it’s a great change that highlights the album artwork even more.

Improved Contrast

Along with the new theme comes improved contrast for both dark and light themes. The theme changes also included a bunch of smaller user interface design updates.

New Loading Buttons

We’ve improved the feedback for buttons.


You won’t see anything yet, but we’ve also done a lot more preparation work for the grand opening of the store.

Mini & micro modes for new light theme.

Mini & micro modes for new light theme.

Bug Fixes

Scroll Position Indicator

Hides the scroll position indicator should not show when sort is random.

Memory Leak

Fixes a memory leak that happened when playing mp3s.

Bugs with FLAC

Fixes a bug where playing a particular FLAC file can cause a crash, and one where playing a FLAC file could cause the player to restart.


Fixes a bug where plugins were crashing when they couldn’t be loaded.

Volume Control

Fixes a bug with the volume control not always working.

Search Area

Fixes a bug where search results area was way too tall sometimes.