Your own private streaming service :  the Voltra Audio Archive

We’ve just launched the Voltra Audio Archive, a service to backup your music files and metadata.

This part of Voltra Co. isn’t a music service, at least not in the same way Spotify or Apple Music is a music service. Voltra Audio Archive stores the music you already own and makes it available to listen to from anywhere. Imagine Dropbox, but specifically for music!

Now when you add music to one of your computers, it will seamlessly synchronize with all of your devices, even across multiple computers!

How it works

Once you upgrade to Voltra Premium, go to the Sync tab of the Settings screen and turn on Sync to begin uploading all of your files and metadata to the Voltra Audio Archive. (This is done in the background, so you can continue using Voltra to listen to your music).

An example of an item that is only in the cloud, all the others are on this computer.

An example of an item that is only in the cloud, all the others are on this computer.

If an artist, album or track is not on a device, you’ll see a tiny cloud next to it. You can either download the album or track, or stream it directly from the cloud when connected to the internet.

In the Voltra Settings screen for your device and desktop computer, there is an option to show only downloaded items. This is great for when you plan to be offline, and want to make sure you have access to your music.

Voltra Mobile Player for iOS

Voltra Mobile Player for iOS

You can find a complete listing of everything you’ve put in the Voltra Audio Archive by going to

The Voltra Audio Archive

How to get it

Get started by upgrading your account on the settings screen in the desktop or on

Upgrade your account

Upgrade your account

We use Stripe for our payments. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that your personal and financial information is safe. If you want to know more about how payments work, read our article about Voltra Payments.